Plastic mould tool steel grades

2023-03-15 03:52:12
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Product name : Plastic mould tool steel grades
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Plastick mould tool steel
W nr DIN AISI/SAE Main Applications
1.2311 40CrMnMo7 P20 Plastic moulds and die holders in general
1.2312 40CrMnMoS8 P20+S As UD23 with improved machinability
1.2738 40CrMnNiMo864 P20+Ni For plastic moulds of big dimensions
1.2083 X40Cr13 420C Stainless steel for moulds requiring polishability and resisting attack by corrosive plastic materials
1.2316 X36CrMo17 - Especially suitable in plastic mould for high acid proofing & polishing
1.2764 X19NiCrMo4 - used for making tools of high hardness and abrasive resistance

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