CANLEE The Automatic Roll Material Laser Cutting Machine

2023-05-19 17:58:44
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Short Description:
Plate lapping and pressing,feeding,cutting can be done in one machine.
Automatic assembly line, saving cost and improving efficiency.
Can cut roll material so that increase the utilization of plate.

Machine feature
1.Our machine the water chiller will be S&A.
2.X axis: Taiwan YYC precision gear rack,
3.France Motovidio reducer;

Wholesale CANLEE the Automatic roll material laser cutting machine Manufacturer and Supplier | Chuangli 2/5
4.X,Y, Z axis: Japan YASKAWA servo motor,
5.Taiwan HIWIN precision ball screw, guide rail;
6.Towing chain: domestic famous Brand;
7.Lead screw, guide rail lubrication and seal protection system: Taiwan silver HIWIN;
8.Bearing : Japanese Seiko ( NSK )
9.Pneumatic System: SMC.
10.Electrical components: France Schneider;
11.Machine tool power control system: Schneider and famous manufacturers;
12.Machine Tool: Gantry strcture;
13.X-Y gear rack drive Z-axis ball rod transmission;
14.High pressure cutting system: CANLEE;
15.Three automatic gas conversion systems:CANLEE;
16.Purging system:Drawer car collecting device;
17.Working area lighting: LED;
18.Flight perforation function: CANLEE;
19.Leapfrog function:CANLEE;
20.Optical path compensation device:CANLEE;
Model Parameter
Maximum Running speed 100m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1.0m/S2
X/Y Axis positioning Accuracy 0.05mm/m
X/Y Axis repositioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Material table load ability 5T
Plate lapping and pressing Roughness ±0.05mm
Thickness of Processing 2mm
Material width of Processing scope ≦1300mm
Feeding material Accuracy ±0.02mm

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