Precision High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2023-05-23 12:14:40
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Precision High Speed Laser Cutting Machine is a General mechanical processing equipment, can be used for a variety of small and medium-sized area metal/non-metal plate, coil laser processing.

Main Components

Main Parameters

Application Fields

Precision high speed laser cutting machine can be used in :

Sheet metal processing;

Electrical parts;

Toy production;

Laser engraving and other fields

Auto parts

Advertising signs production

Cutting Cases

IPC Backplane

Cutting Material: 0.2mm Steel;

Workpiece Sizes: 60*200mm(Steel80*200mm)
Use: ICE Backplane
* Notes: Small-batch production of industrial computer and other electronic equipment casings can effectively reduce costs and increase production speed. For scientific research equipment, product updates are convenient.

Workpiece 1

New Energy Lithium Battery Circuit Connector

Cutting Material: 0.12mm Nickel,0.3mm Copper;

Workpiece Size: 30*120mm
Use: Lithium Battery Circuit Connector
* Notes: Battery accessories vary widely, and demand changes rapidly. Laser production can save mold opening time and greatly shorten the production cycle.

Workpiece 2 Installation Effect

Name Plate/Sign Plate

Cutting Material: 0.3mm Ss;
Sample Size: 200*400mm
Use: Sign
* Note: Sign Sample,customized according to the actual needs of users. It can be used for complex graphic sample production, but also suitable for small batch production, saving time and cost

Sample 3

Laser Marking

Cutting Material: 0.2mm Brass;
Sample Size: 25*50mm
Use: Clothing Mark
* Notes: Picture as sample, customized according to actual needs, supports engraving of metal and non-metal materials, suitable for creative design and mass production

Sample 4

Toy Industry

Cutting Material:0.1mm Ss、3mmPlywood;
Cutting Size: 140*200mm
Use: Toys/Models
* Note: Picture for sample,Customized according to the actual demand, supporting the production of metal and non-metal materials, suitable for creative design and mass production

Sample 5

Name BLT-FSCUT2000
Valid Cutting Sizes 300×500 mm(Adjustable)
Working Accerleration 0.5-1.5 G
Max Cutting Speed 20 m/min
XY axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.05 mm
XY axis Re-positioning Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Cutting Thickness 0.1-4mm(Depends on material and laser power)
Cutting Material Non-metal/Alum/Iron/Nickel/Copper ect

High Hardness.

Good rigidity and no deformation. The coefficient of linear expansion is very small, almost no internal stress, and basically no deformation during use.

Corrosion resistance.

Corrosion resistance, not afraid of acid. It’s no need to be oiled and easy to maintain.

Wear-resistant & High temperature resistant.

Material Marble has high hardness and strong wear resistance. Low expansion coefficient, good high temperature resistance, long service life.

The structure is uniform and stable.

Physically stable. In the case of external impact and grain falling off, the surface accuracy will not be affected.

No magnetization.

Material Marble is not magnetized, excellent base material for linear motors.


Grating Ruler

Optical Read Head

Linear Motor Mover

Linear Motor Stator

Module Base

Linear Guide Rail

Workstation driven by linear motor platform, high precision, good stability, long service life!

The structure of linear motor can be seen as a rotating motor along the radial section, and the circumference of the motor is developed into a straight line.

The stator is equivalent to the primary of the linear motor, and the rotor is equivalent to the secondary of the linear motor. When the secondary passes the current, the traveling wave magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the primary stage, and the driving force is generated under the action of the traveling wave magnetic field and the secondary permanent magnet, so as to realize the linear motion of the moving parts.

In recent years, some developed countries in the world began to apply linear motor technology to CNC machine tool linear motion drive system, to replace the traditional servo motor + ball screw pair drive system, has achieved great success.

Fast speed & High Acceleration.

Linear motor has high speed, high acceleration and obvious advantages in cutting thin plate and super thin plate.

High Precision.

Linear motor with high precision grating ruler, can achieve micron level accuracy of absolute positioning.

No mechanical wear, Long service life.

The system operates in the state of magnetic levitation, and the motor body has no mechanical wear during operation. It can be maintenance-free in the environment of good dust removal.

Simple transmission system structure and high efficiency.

Linear motor does not have additional transmission structure, and has simple structure and higher operation efficiency than rotary motor.

Low noise, quiet operation.

The relative movement of mechanical parts in operation is less, and the mechanical noise is small.

Machine Characteristics Description

Name Specs. Brand
Marble Worktable 1100*1100*180mm Boltaton
Main Host 1200*1200*2000mm Boltaton
Laser Resource 500W-4000W Raycus/BWT
Cutting Head General Type/3D WSX/Raytools
Linear Motor LM300/LM500 YOKOKAWA
Servo Motor A5/A6/CDHD Panasonic/Servotronixs
Grating Ruler RTLC/RH100X Renishaw
Water Chiller SCH Series Hanli
PLC Imported Brand Innovance

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