Bending Units for Medium Thick Plates

2023-05-23 12:18:34
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Product Introduction

The bending workstation provides batch processing and production mode to reduce heavy and repetitive processing tasks and realize 24 hours uninterrupted production. According to the bending process, can be automatically replaced fixture tooling, reduce manual intervention and other links, economic, practical, cost-effective.

Bending workstation is composed of Press Brake, Robot, Ground Rail, Working Platform of Gravity Center, Rotary Frame, Material in-and Out Cart or tray, splitting thickness measuring mechanism and control unit. Plate from the expected bending, and then to the finished product to fully realize automation and unmanned, robot bending not only improve the qualified rate of products, but also reduce labor costs. At the same time, the control system is equipped with remote maintenance function, which can solve the on-site equipment failure without leaving the house and escort the normal production. The control system is equipped with the upper computer to connect with MES and ERP systems, which can realize online ordering, real-time monitoring of the production information and working state of the equipment, and provide data sources for data processing.

Machine Advantages

Increase production output and product quality and reduce defective products.
Savings in labour costs.
Low maintenance costs with robots running 24 hours a day.
Short return on investment cycle.

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