Hot Press Production Line

2023-05-23 12:25:47
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Working Theory

After coating glue to the composite board plate, transporting it to the Hot Press working platform. Then the Press will solidify the glue according to the high temperature and high pressure of the working platform. After time outs, the working platform opens and conveying the material, then to the next process and in reciprocating cycle.

Technical Parameters

Name Value
Model HRY-100T(1)
Pessure Method Up&Down
Max Pessure 100T
Processing Plate Sheet Sizes 13000x1300mm
Processing Thickiness 90mmx2
Valid Processing Sizes 12500x1250mm
Layers 1
Open Height 0-250mm
Hydraulic Stations&Valves 1 set
Heating Cycle Motor 2.2x2 kw
Hydraulic System Motor Power 7.5kw
Cylinder Amounts&Spec. 16 PCS 70x2500mm
Plunger Cylinder 4 PCS 100x2500mm
Heating System Power Upper 45kw, Lower 45kw
Max Temperature 100T
Front Conveyor 1300x1300mm (Divide 3 Connections Equally)
Rear Conveyor 1300x1300mm (Divide 3 Connections Equally)

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