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EvoSteel is the official dealer of the Turkish company "DIRINLER" for the sales and service of high-precision pressing equipment. The wide range of products includes: - C-shaped Eccentric press with rear flywheel (8 guides); - C-shaped high speed press (8 guides); - C-shaped hydraulic press; - H-shaped eccentric press with a connecting rod; - H-shaped Eccentric Press with double connecting rods; – H-shaped Eccentric Press with crank-knee system; – H-shaped Hydraulic Press; — Servo Press. All models have CE certificates and have passed quality control, namely: – checking components and press bodies using a 3D measuring device; – international standard SMM devices for measuring parameters; - documentation of measurement and shear testing; – checking the parallelism of the press under load; - high precision analysis of hull flexibility; - Power control with Loadell ITC. The advantages of DIRINLER presses are ease of maintenance, value for money and, most importantly, after-sales service in the territory of the Russian Federation. We execute: - commissioning works; - warranty and commercial repairs; - modernization of equipment; - production automation; - documentary support. In addition, all supplied, factory-made products have a two-year warranty period. In the post-warranty period, long-term service and spare parts are provided to all customers.


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