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  • Kullanıcı Adı : Wanzhi Iron Steel co., Ltd.
  • Profil Durumu : Onaylı Profil
  • Şirket Unvanı: Wanzhi Iron Steel Company

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Wanzhi Iron & Steel co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group in import and export business. Relying on Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., LTD., a regional branch of Henan Province, it is responsible for the import and export business of metal materials. It is also a private trademark and brand of Wanzhi Group. At present, the main business of the group is divided into five parts: building materials research and development production, spot storage and sales, import and export trade, project bidding, information network technology and enterprise management strategy consulting. Whether it is a large bidding project or small and micro foreign trade companies small orders; Whether it is the strict requirements of military products, or the low budget procurement needs of small traders in a serious price war, Wanzhi Steel can meet all requirements or needs of partners in a variety of different situations.

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