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  • Kullanıcı Adı : Shiwei Hardware Tools Co. Ltd
  • Profil Durumu : Onaylı Profil
  • Şirket Unvanı: Shiwei Hardware (Tools Co. Ltd)

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Shiwei Hardware Tools Co. Ltd.was established in 1989 in ningbo, zhejiang province,the predecessor of the company was from the state system reform (national reform),at that time,we were mainly produced twist drills, taps and dies,and in 2001,company moved from Ningbo to Yangzhou. Started to produce step drills, countersinks and other non-standard products. The Soild Hardware Tools Co. Ltd . was set up in 2006, we are now produce annular cutters、combination drill&taps、countersinks、step drills、tube& sheet drills、twist drills、taps、weldon extension accessories、(and so on)reamers with bits handle、deburring tools.

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