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HANSEN MOLD Technology(HS MOLD), branch of HANSEN Electronics Technology, is an ISO 9001-certified provider of product development,custom injection molding, and contract manufacturing services. We also specialize in mold design/production, mold components manufacturing services, which ensure streamlined schedules and more stable processing for CNC machining. You can count on HANSEN’s dedicated engineering team to manage your high-performance, critical-tolerance products. Founded in 2017, HANSEN MOLD combines traditional precision with the can-do spirit of Chinese manufacturing. HANSEN MOLD builds all tools and manufactures all production in the China. The company continues to be guided by the president’s philosophy of building talented engineers into adept general managers and reinvesting in advanced equipment and systems. HANSEN MOLD culture is defined by continual improvement and growth. We invest in our systems, equipment and people to ensure customers get the quality care they deserve for their products. HANSEN MOLD is serving different industries(medical, plastics, packaging, etc) with high-precision molds and mold components. Currently the company has 24 CNC, 16EDM, CNC lathe, CMM, etc.

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