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Beijing Phoenix Electronic Materials Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd , was established in 2014, which is set up as a Technology Research and Development company facing for Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing & under the development trend of national High-end manufacturing industryand “Made in China 2025”.At present, it has obtained Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise Grade Certificate. Since our founding, Beijing Phoenix Electronic Materials Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd Resated to the research and development and manufacturing of medium and high-end metal forming equipment and automation systems with the aim of service and innovation, focusing on all kinds of sheet metal processing intelligent equipment technology research and development, design innovation, transformation of results, programme consultation andpersonnel training, providing industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions for aerospace, aviation, automotive, household, lift, electric cabinet, electronics and other industries. Our company has assembled a group of experienced high level professionals in the fields of mechanical design, electrical design and robotics application. They have rich experience in non-standard project design and robotics system integration design and are able to provide one-stop service from system design, real-time simulation, tooling design, system control, installation and commissioning, i.e. turnkey projects. Our company has successfully developed sheet metal bending robot workstations, laser automation flexible production lines, stamping production lines, cutting and sorting lines, material synthesis hot press production lines, intelligent storage repository, non-standard automation production lines and ancillary equipment, industrial software and other products. We have been relying on various advanced sheet metal equipment(e.g. CNC pressbrakes, CNC punching machines and laser cutting machines, uncoiling lines, etc.), taking conveyor lines and robots as links, linking up various equipment, establishing central control systems, integrating various equipment on production lines, and achieving seamless interface with customers' ERP and MES software modules. To ensure that the entire production line is automated, unmanned, intelligent and informatization, our company has introduced remote maintenance, big data and a cloud platform to maximize customer satisfaction with individual customization and to serve customers more quickly and conveniently. In the future, Beijing Phoenix Electronic Materials Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd will focus on the innovative development of intelligent manufacturing, take high-end sheet metal intelligent equipment and automated production line construction as the main direction of researching, continuously grow the scientific research team, strengthen the innovation of key technologies, develop new products, processes and technologies withstrong competitiveness. Thus, we are able to provide high-quality intelligent equipment and technical services for China's intelligent manufacturing industry, and solidly promote the development of intelligent equipment industry.

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