CANLEE The Tube And Sheet Two In One Laser Cutting Machine CF-3015BGQ6022

2023-05-19 17:52:24
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1.Independent research , dual use tube and sheet, realize the cutting of pipe and
sheet in one equipment, which greatly saves cost and space.
2.Wide processing range, processing round pipes with diameters of φ20-φ350, and
other pipe fittings of different shapes, with lengths between 6 meters and 9 meters.
3.The plate cutting system can be customized according to customer needs, such as
1.5x3m, 1.5x4m, 1.5x6m, 1.5x8m, 1.5x10m, 2x4m, 2x6m, 2.5x6m, 2.5x8m, 2.5x10m,
2.5x12m, 2.5x13m etc. For other customized models, please inquire for details.
4.At the same time, it can realize the design and molding of the all-in-one exchange
table tube and plate cutting machine, the single table laser cutting machine with
loading and unloading system, and the exchange table laser cutting machine with a
complete set of equipment for loading and unloading system

Wholesale CANLEE the tube and sheet two in one laser cutting machine CF-3015BGQ6022 Manufacturer and Supplier | Chuangli 2/6
5.It can cut intersecting line pipe fittings, which is the best choice for professional processing of pipes, steel structures and pipes.
6.Since the size of the customized model varies with the actual needs of customers for processing plates and pipes and the difference in the site, this tube-sheet
integrated machine is suitable for many industries and has a wide range of applications.
7.In addition, when the parts processed by the customer belongs to the special-shaped tube, the plate processing and programming need special treatment, please do
not hesitate to inform CANLEE engineers, we will provide you with the best metal profile processing solution.
8. In order to facilitate transportation and sea transportation and reduce transportation costs, CANLEE can provide high-quality transportation packaging with high safety
factor and low cost.
Full-stroke clamping, automatic precision centering , rapid automatic processing
Bearing height
Single claw has large thrust and strong bearing capacity
Easy to debug jaws
Use keyway to locate, install and use portable
High Rigidity
Barrel structure design,High support rigidity,Stable and strong
Special-shaped Pipe Clamping
Optional clamping claw for various profiles to keep the pipe from slipping

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