CANLEE The 3D Laser Cutting Robot

2023-05-19 17:55:31
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Short Description:
Adopt automation robot motion technology, use the high precision laser cutting head
with stable output power and can cut large format raw material.
Can cut different thickness of raw material,like stainless steel ,aluminum, carbon steel
Can cut the finished processing metal plate in high precision rate.
Simplify the operation by equipping with off-line program software.

Accept the customized 3D laser cutting robot.
Model Arm length Arm length Customized
Cutting Range(mm) ≦1400 ≦1800
Position Accuracy ±0.03 ±0.03

Raw material of 3D laser cutting robot
Carbon steel plate sheet and famous brand cutting head install on it.
Fine drawing design and molding
Test Reported can be offered by us. Different customer requirement of the material
drawing is available to us.
The 3D laser cutting robot is used to process automobile sheet metal and various
parts of the automobile. It is easy to use and good in shape.

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