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LBR iisy Cobot


BR iisy Cobot
Flexible and intuitive to use and reliable in contact with people: LBR iisy is a Cobot that can be used for all areas of production. It combines the know-how of industrial automation with the flexibility and simplicity of a smart tool.

Install, run and get to work. _It's nice
Ready for use in just a few minutes: The Cobot LBR iisy stands out with its intuitive operating features that enable quick and efficient commissioning without requiring any prior knowledge.

The robot runs on the iiQKA.OS operating system , making it easy to install, configure and program. Teaching tasks can be done very easily with manual guidance . Thanks to the smart remote control smartPAD pro , subsequent programming operations become as easy as using a smartphone.

An optional front-installed and pre-configured gripper makes using the Cobot even easier.

Want to automate tasks quickly? No problem with the LBR iisy industrial robot

Reasons to choose LBR iisy
The LBR iisy industrial robot is ideal for a wide range of tasks in application areas and industries where precision, speed and intuition are particularly important. It can be used for pick-and-place tasks , machine loading and unloading operations and handling , but also for packaging and testing operations .

The collaborative robot impresses not only with its low weight, compact design and integrated sensors, but above all with its easy commissioning, which makes the LBR iisy a flexible assistant in production.

Ready to use in no time
Teaching with manual guidance
Intuitive user interface
Control with SmartPad Pro
No programming knowledge required
Optional: pre-configured gripper

Collaborative and safe
Detects collisions
Measures process forces using joint torque sensors
Human-Robot collaboration enabled
Easy maintenance thanks to intervention areas

Flexibly expandable
Internal cable routing for power supply
Easy installation of accessories using tool boxes
Quick task changes
Connection to the iiQKA ecosystem

added value
Optimum investment costs
High availability
Large working area, little space required
Industry proven

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