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LBR iiwa


LBR iiwa
Thanks to our lightweight robot LBR iiwa for precision assembly work, the need for protective environmental equipment in work areas is eliminated and the groundwork is paved for human-robot cooperation.

LBR iiwa is the first series of robots produced with precision and therefore compatible for Human Robot Collaboration . LBR is the abbreviation of the word "Leichtbauroboter", which means light construction robot, and iiwa means "intelligent industrial work assistant". Thus, a new era has begun in the field of industrial and precision robotics, which forms the cornerstone of innovative and sustainable production processes. For the first time in history, thanks to the ability of humans and robots to perform high-precision operations in close cooperation, new business areas are created and production can be made more economically and with higher efficiency. LBR iiwa has two models with a carrying capacity of 7 kg and 14 kg.

fast response
Thanks to torque sensors with safety signal circuit, LBR iiwa detects contact and instantly reduces power and speed. By means of position and compliance control, it can process delicate components without the risk of breakage and compression.
capable of learning
You can choose three operating modes and program the LBR iiwa through simulation: Show the desired position and it will learn the coordinations of the orbital point. Stop and control easily by touch.
The high-performance controlled, lightweight LBR iiwa determines its working mode with the help of the force sensors on it, determines the correct mounting position and mounts the parts quickly and precisely with an accuracy of ±2%. LBR iiwa instantly finds even small and thin parts without your help.
The KUKA Sunrise Cabinet controller of the LBR iiwa facilitates rapid commissioning of even complex applications. Let it be your third hand and perform non-ergonomic monotonous tasks reliably and independently.

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