Z-Mod-SE-102-40SE Electric Actuator

2022-12-13 22:31:45
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The Z-mod robotic actuator is beautiful in appearance, highly integrated, small, and powerful. It simplifies the installation steps.

All-in-one high integration.
It makes a great innovation in the form of a traditional module by eliminating coupling and sensors. The highly integrated motor and controller are built into the internal module.
Maximize space utilization and maximize driving distance.
The software is easy to use.
It is unnecessary to establish a motion platform by yourself, it can be easily operated by the Z-Arm series control software.
The programmable environment has been extremely simplified, enabling inexperienced customers to co-work effectively with actuators.
Simplified, but Powerful.
Closed-loop control and positioning can be achieved without sensors.
Specialized collaborative function.
1). Higher positioning accuracy can be achieved by adjusting the elements and fixing the orientation.
2). Force-torque/motion mode can work simultaneously without clarification.
3). Could automatically detect the height of the object and decide the next pick and place activity.
4). These functions have made Z-Mod move more intelligent.
Excellent quality, cost-effective.
Z-mod has industrial-grade performance at a price of only a few hundred dollars for more personalized service.

Item No.: Z-Mod-SE-102-40SE
Electric Motor 400W/DC48V
Rating Torque (N.m) 1.27
Ball Screw Lead (mm) 5 10 20
The Max Speed(mm/sec) 250 500 1000
Rated Acceleration 0.3G 0.3G 0.3G
The Max Load Horizontal/Hanging(kg) 90 70 35
Vertical 36 22 11
Rated Thrust(N) 1436.3 718.2 359.1
Stroke 50-1250 (50 interval)
Rated speed of motor ( RPM) 3000
Remark: 1G=9800mm/sec2。
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Driving Mode Ballscrew φ16mm turn to C7 grade
Dynamic Max Moment Allowed (remark 1) Ma:116.4N·m,Mb:116.4N·m,Mc:209.5N·m
Allowable extension length 500mm以下
Sensor ①-LS,②HOME,③+LS ,NPN, 24V DC
Cable length of induction machine 2m
Base Material Extruded aluminum material,white luster
Precise requirement of installation area Evenness, below 0.05mm
Working Environment 0-40℃,85%RH(No Frost)
Remark 1:When the walking life is 10000km

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